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Small Increase, Big Impact

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Your RRSP is one of the most effective tools available to help with retirement planning.

The more you contribute to your RRSP, the larger your retirement nest egg will be.

Even a small increase in your monthly contribution can have a big impact on your savings.

For example, if you contribute $100 per month to your RRSP  for 30 years at a 5% rate or return, it will grow to juut over $83,000.

By adding $50 to your monthly contribution ($150 per month), you will increase the value of your RRSP by $42,000 in 30 years.

If you add $100 to your monthly contribution ($200 per month instead of $100), you will have $83,000 more in your RRSP.

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Use the calculator to see an increase in your monthly contribution can have a big impact on the value of your RRSP.

Small Increase, Big Impact Calculator

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