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Insure Your Earning Power

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We make sure our homes, cars and belongings are insured and that our loved ones are protected with life insurance. However, one of your most valuable assets, the ability to earn income, is often not insured.

Accidents and illnesses can happen to anyone unexpectedly at any timeĀ and your earning potential is a far more valuable asset than your automobile or your home.

Disability insurance offers protection in case you may not be able to meet your everyday financial obligations due to a sickness or disability.

Without disability insurance, you may have to find other sources of income to replace lost earnings such as your spouse’s income, government benefits, emergency savings, withdrawals from your retirement savings, asking friends and family for help or downsizing your lifestyle.

Given these choices, the best solution for a long-term disability may be disability insurance.

Have you insured one of your most valuable assets – your ability earn an income?

Use this calculator to estimate the value of your lifetime earnings.


Insure Your Earning Power Calculator

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