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Financial Checkup Checklist

For most of us, checkups are a regular part of life. Annual physicals with our doctor, visits to the dentist, and regular car service appointments help us catch potential problems and assure that all is well.

If you were planning a long road trip, you’d stop occasionally and look at the map to see if you were headed in the right direction, wouldn’t you? An annual financial checkup serves the same purpose. It’s an opportunity to review how you’ve done financially and make sure you’re still headed in the right direction.

Certain life changes – the birth a child, a change in marital status (married, divorced, widowed), the death of a family member or changes to your health – should serve as reminders that a financial check-up is in order.

Other changes can also have a major impact on your personal finances. These include changes in your employment status or salary, changes in home ownership, significant changes in investment assets or debt, interest rate changes, receiving an inheritance and tax law changes.

Use this calculator to perform a checkup on your personal financial situation.

Financial Checkup Calculator
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