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Cash Flow Calculator

Do you ever ask yourself, “where does all my money go?” To get a better idea, take some time to prepare a cash flow statement – a very important step when planning your financial future.

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Controlling your financial affairs requires a budget or cash flow statement.

Budgeting and tracking your expenses gives you a strong sense of where your money goes and can help you reach your financial goals, whether they are saving for a down payment on a house, starting a college or university fund for your children, buying a new car, paying off the credit cards or planning for retirement.

Calculate Your Cash Flow Today
To calculate your net cash flow, estimate your annual income from all sources and then subtract your expected total payments and expenses over the next twelve months.

It may be helpful to keep your bank statements, credit card and loan statements, property tax and utility bills handy to make this exercise easier.

Use this cash flow calculator to easily track all your income and expenses.

Cash Flow Calculator

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