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Car Loan Calculator


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When shopping for a car, you should know how much you can afford to pay. Creating a budget will help you determine how much car you can actually afford.  In addition to your monthly loan payment, you need to consider how much you will be spending on insurance, gas, repairs, license fees, taxes and depreciation.


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Have you pulled your credit report? Your credit history may affect the finance rate you are able to secure, so it’s a good idea to get a copy of your free credit report before heading to the dealer. This way, you’ll know what creditors will see before they do. And it will give you a chance to try to correct any errors on your report.

This calculator shows how much your car loan payment will be based on the amount borrowed, interest rate, payment frequency and term of the loan. Create and compare two scenarios and learn how much more or less you will pay in interest payments.
Car Loan Calculator
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